Who are we?

We are educators who work one-on-one with students to assess what supports need to be put in place so that they can achieve their goals. We mentor students in the following areas:


  • Study Skills

  • Expectations

  • Study Space

  • Goals

  • Time Management

  • Organizational Skills

  • Life Skills

  • Creating Healthier Habits


Where do we offer services?

We offer services in New Jersey. 

Sessions are held in your home or office

Latest project

Julie and Lisa have co-written a book!


This book is a compilation of Julie and Lisa's innovative strategies and educational tools that have helped so many adolescents and adults create positive changes in school and in their lives.


This book is recommended for:



  • Teachers

  • Learning Specialists

  • Parents

  • Students


Does this sound familiar?

My child has trouble

getting started.



My child crams for

 tests and projects.


My child has trouble organizing materials.

My child gets distracted easily.


My child gets easily overwhelmed.

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