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Interviewing Skills
Anyone can improve!


This part of Adolescent Mentoring organically became something I offer. I usually get referrals or realize that someone with whom I am working needs to improve their interviewing skills for internships, college visits or employment opportunities. By working together, we make sense of strengths and weaknesses. We practice speaking clearly, identify body language, look at the role of the interviewer, and, most importantly, build confidence!


We do this work in person or virtually.


Here are some of the topics we cover:

Defining the goals of the interview.

Exploring the fields of interest and researching possibilities.

What questions to ask?

How do you show your interest and curiosity?

What signs tell you to expand on your ideas or speak less?

How to handle nervousness?

Vocal volume, speed. energy/ gestures/facial messages.

Calming techniques and confidence building.

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