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Why Adolescent Mentoring? 


  • Adolescents often need extra support emotionally or with organizing their lives. 

  • This could be at the beginning of a school term, when a family problem arises or when the student is just not reaching his/her potential. 
  • There are many times when children can “hear” things differently from an adult outside of the family. 

How do we create positive changes?


We teach skills and strategies in the following areas:

  • Executive Functioning Skills

  • Study Skills

  • Study Space

  • Time Management

  • Life Skills

  • Expectations and Goals

  • Organizational Skills

  • Creating Healthier Habits

Added Benefits of Adolescent Mentoring… 
  • If you give permission, we can connect with teachers/therapists/tutors to create a cohesive "team" approach which results in more consistency for your child.


  • As our work with the client progresses, the parent(s) can move out of “negative” communication and into something more positive so that family life improves. We will also work with parents to encourage this process. 


  • We are highly creative and very positive with kids. We create a rapport which enables us to be constructively critical when needed, yet supportive at at all times.  That is our challenge!

Does this sound familiar?

My child doesn't want my help.

My child can't keep track of anything.

My child cannot stay focused.

My child doesn't really know how to study.

My child's homework takes way too long.

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