Adolescent Mentoring is...

a custom, one-on-one mentoring approach to assist individuals in reaching their goals and  full potential.

Created by award-winning teacher Julie Madison Jacoby in 2006 after 31 years in the classroom as a teacher and mentor, Julie has developed  a unique style of communicating and inspiring young people  to help  them rethink their current habits. This allows them to consider what might work better  and develop a plan of action. Experience has shown that many adults are seeking these same skills so Adolescent Mentoring has expanded to  also helping adults.

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We teach executive functioning skills and strategies in the following areas:

Organizational Skills

Time Management

Expectations and Goals

Life Skills

Study Skills

Study Space

Creating Healthier Habits

Adolescent Mentors Available

My child can't keep track of anything.

My child cannot stay focused.

My child doesn't want my help.

Does this sound familiar?

My child doesn't really know how to study.

My child wastes so much time and only wants to be on electronic devices.